2020 Landmarks of Excellence – Communicator of the Year

Neeli BendapudiVirginia Moore, Executive Director
Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This year, we want to recognize the work of Governor Andy Beshear and his entire team for their efforts to keep the Commonwealth informed throughout the pandemic. And, our board was particularly inspired by the efforts of Virginia Moore — she captured everyone’s attention this spring as the ASL interpreter at the governor’s daily briefings. As communicators, we were moved by Virginia’s commitment to ensuring Kentucky’s deaf and hard-of-hearing population had equal access to coronavirus updates. Virginia has worked her entire life to break down communications barriers. Born into a socially active deaf family, she has been shaped by the culture and language. She graduated from Indiana University and first joined the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf & Hard of Hearing in 1995 as the executive director’s interpreter. She also served as the state interpreter administrator before being appointed executive director in 2009. It is worth noting that it was Virginia who approached Gov. Beshear and encouraged him to have an interpreter at his daily briefings. He agreed, and Virginia quickly became a bit of an icon.


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  • Dave Armstrong
  • Lynn Ashton
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  • Neeli Bendapudi