2021 Landmarks of Excellence – Communicator of the Year

Dr. Sarah Moyer, Chief Health Strategist for Louisville, Ky.

This year, we want to recognize Dr. Sarah Moyer for her outstanding communication efforts during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the Chief Health Strategist for the city of Louisville, Ky., Dr. Sarah Moyer has brought together hundreds of partners across all sectors of the community to ensure the city’s COVID-19 response provided testing, safe isolation and quarantine locations, essential needs and vaccines to all residents of the community, but particularly those most likely to bear a greater burden of disease and death. Dr. Moyer oversaw the investment of $23M of CARES Act funding and over $11M of American Rescue Plan funding during the Covid-19 response and her leadership ensured that Louisville saw fewer health inequities than comparable cities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Moyer leads a team of 275 employees at the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness and is an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences where she helps educate and inspire the next generation of public health leaders and professionals. She is a board-certified family physician.

She is married to Dr. Jed Moyer, a pediatric orthopedic physician with Norton Healthcare. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and their four children, playing in nature and exploring Louisville’s amazing parks and playgrounds.


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